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The Oregon Highway 58 Conditions Report is the fourth report of its type produced by the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT). It provides information about the OR58 corridor in an interactive, electronic Transportation Conditions Report on DVD disc. In this report, you will find a comprehensive data set that describes the current physical and operating conditions on OR58, from pavement conditions to mainline and intersection congestion levels.

You will also find a general forecast of future travel demand and an assessment of the ability of the existing highway to handle expected growth through 2025, if no improvements are made between now and then.

The OR58 and US101 Condition Reports represent the second generation of electronic conditions reports produced by ODOT. All of the information in these reports is designed for and presented through a web browser interface that is simple to navigate by pointing and clicking your computer's mouse. The use of standard Internet protocols provide a framework of interactive links within this report that enable you to easily jump from mainline segment text to an aerial map to video clips and back. The electronic report is designed to run directly from the DVD distribution media or it can be installed on a local computer or network, including direct support for Intranets and the Internet. In addition to migrating to a web based interface, this version of the conditions report adds the ability to explore data and customize maps using an interactive map reader and provides access to video files of driving through the corridor.

This report is one step in planning for the future of a major freight transportation facility connecting Interstate 5 and US Highway 97. By defining the problems in the OR58 corridor, this report serves two purposes. First, it will help ODOT focus its planning efforts on the most significant problems. Second, it will act as a catalyst for further discussion about how best to invest in OR58 so that it can continue to serve as a critical link between the Willamette Valley and Central Oregon offering an abundance of recreational opportunities and providing an economic artery to help keep Oregon moving.

The next phase in planning for the future of OR58 is to determine which transportation improvement alternatives will best protect and improve travel conditions in the corridor. Establishing a common base of information in the Oregon Highway58 Conditions Report will help the public and policy-makers identify and agree on a reasonable range of investment approaches to consider.

The Oregon Highway 58 Conditions Report is a compendium of time-sensitive information about the highway that can be updated periodically. The report is provided on a DVD disc included with this printed material. The DVD contains the report, maps including aerial photos, interactive maps and other supplemental information. Utilizing all of the features contained in the report requires that users have preinstalled on their computer a web browser, Adobe Acrobat reader software and a media player. In addition, the installation program that accompanies this report will also attempt (with the users permission) to install additional software to support accessing the interactive maps and support files for viewing the video files if they do not already exist on the host computer. The User's Guide portion of this document provides instructions on loading the disc, viewing the report on your computer, and accessing the text, maps, and videos. To receive additional copies and updates, contact ODOT Region 2 Planning, 455 Airport Road SE, Building B, Salem, OR 97301-5395, telephone (503) 986-5764.

Note: Internet connections to non-ODOT websites are in no way an endorsement by ODOT of any material on that website.

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